Tuesday, 29 April 2008

thirsty work

Fifi's Birthday

22 on May 5th...yes please :) xx

Nelly and Fergie Party People

i fucking love this song! If anyone can out do my friend Brad and learn the rap
make a video and put it on youtube!

Also when did Nelly get those guns??
fifi xx

Shibby shabblers: oh yes

Anyone that lives in the fabulous town that is Brighton will know that Shibby Shabblers is the best weekly alternative night! Every Monday DJS Pookie, Uncle Krunk, Crackwhore, Lo hands and myself play all the best cutting edge indie/electro/nu pop/rock n roll.
Anyway enough shameless promotion, see for yourself, come down to Candy Bar on St James St, from 10pm every Monday night. £2 drinks too!
this will get you in the mood...chooon!

MP3: Heads We Dance - Love in the Digital Age (FrankMusik Remix)

the twelves

The twelves are definitely my favorite djs of the day. espesh that black kids remix, i've been playing it every week at shibby shabblers my resident dj spot.
i thought i'd be a sweetheart and give you the links to my favorite remixes by them.
fifi xx


We just did a gig with heartsrevolution in Brighton at somewhere in the universe which was pretty freakin' cool, thanks to everyone that came down and heard our new songs!
Heartsrevolution were a blast. and there was ice cream at the club what more could you ask for?!
Everyone is hyping them up loads and they deserve it because their live show was wicked especially with Kate Moross doing the visuals!
I love this Latzkrag remix of C.Y.O.A.
No doubt there will be a BSD remix soon!

news: Horsepower records

Well all is going well with Beauty Skool Dropout at the moment we just came back form switzerland which was awesome and hoping to play a bunch more gigs in the next few weeks so check the myspace for tour dates.
Jolyon (guitarist, BSD) has recently set up his own label horsepower records with Jake from 303didthistome as well as bringing out eps for 303 and BSD they have also just signed welsh MC KC and happy go lucky electro punk kids Amy can flyy. 

Check out these bands and we may even post the BSD remix of 303didthistome which is pretty fuckin banging! xx